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How long have you been composting at home? 

We have been officially composting since we've been living here in Vermont...about 10-12 years. At first, we had a "tumbler" and then, more effectively, Earth Girl Composting.  When I was growing up in suburban Boston, my family had a compost pile in the backyard for corn husks, leaves, etc. and an in-ground "garbage collector" which was composted as well.

Why did you start composting? What’s your system for collecting food scraps?

My husband and I started composting because it seemed a waste to throw away so much vegetable matter from the kitchen and yard.  We both help keep it going.

We put items in our compost bucket as we go.  It's right in the kitchen next to the island countertop, and close to the sink. It is emptied every two weeks by Earth Girl who picks it up and leaves a clean bucket.

Kitchen compost bucket
Food scrap bucket in the kitchen

How is your compost system set up?

We have subscribed to Earth Girl Compost for household waste. They provide a bucket for us to use which is emptied every two weeks. We also have a tumbler but use it only sporadically for yard/garden waste.

Do you compost through the winter? If so, do you do anything differently?

Yes, the buckets are picked up year-round, though we don't put the buckets out early in the morning so they don't freeze.

Have you had any problems?

Bucket at end of driveway
Full and ready for curbside pickup

No problems!

What do you like about composting or why are you still doing it?

I love the convenience of it. I love having a place to put all those food scraps so they can be used to replenish the earth, with no bother for me!

What would you say to encourage someone who is hesitant to start composting?

A good system like Earth Girl is very helpful!  I find it very easy to manage and it feels as if we're doing the right thing for the earth.

Anything else you want to share or wish I had asked?

We are very happy with our composting system, and probably wouldn't be as faithful about it without the bi-weekly pick up.

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