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Scrap Food Waste Challenge April 3-22, 2023. Images of bowls with food scraps (photo credit Ava Hollingsworth) and a heart, a dollar sign, and a shopping cart made out of food
Bowls of food scraps--photo credit Ava Hollingsworth

Food waste is often preventable; wasting less food saves money and is a climate solution!

Join our self-guided Scrap Food Waste Challenge, and learn how to measure what foods you're wasting and how to prevent waste in the first place.

The next Challenge runs from April 3-22, 2023. Participants will receive regular emails and can join virtual discussion sessions on the following themes: 

  • Week 1: Understanding and measuring food waste
  • Week 2: Strategic shopping and savvy storage
  • Week 3: Careful cooking and eating with intent

We're giving an in-person workshop to kick off the challenge, April 4, 5:00 PM at the Aldrich Library in Barre. Free and no registration needed. 

Sign up for the challenge through Constant Contact or email Alyssa Eiklor ( to learn more.


Ready to track your food waste?

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