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The office kitchenette. The two food scrap buckets are under a counter next to the fridge.
The office kitchen and break room

How is Stone Environmental Inc. set up?

Our offices are on two floors with a total of 44 employees that use the office space. We have one kitchen/break room space that all employees have access to.

How did you start separating food scraps from the trash?

We initiated the composting by contacting an outside vendor, Meghan Kolbay from Earthgirl Composting. Earthgirl Composting provides this composting service.

The two five-gallon food scrap buckets.
Food scrap buckets

How do you collect food scraps?

We have two 5-gallon buckets available in the kitchen for staff to place their food scraps.

How often do the buckets get picked up/need to be emptied with a staff of your size? Does your pickup company provide clean buckets each week or do your staff clean the buckets?

The instructions on what goes in the food scrap buckets.
What to compost sign

We have a weekly pick up that Earth Girl provides. Earth Girl gives us clean sanitized buckets and liners each week. They just switch them out.

What is working well in your food scrap management system? Do you have any tips for businesses that have just started separating food scraps?

Using an outside vendor is working well. Using an outside vendor is key otherwise you would need a point person to manage this.

Have you gotten feedback from staff?

Yes, our staff love that we do this.

Have you had any issues with the transition to separating food scraps in office?

None really for the most part. Staff are fairly compliant.


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